Geoff Moore

Geoff Moore: A Voice of Faith in Contemporary Christian Music

Born and raised in Michigan, Geoff took a leap of faith, leaving behind the comforts of home and the family business to pursue his dream of making it in the music industry in Nashville. Possessing little more than a deep, gravelly voice and a three-song demo produced by a childhood friend. Four decades and over twenty-five albums later Geoff looks back now knowing he made the right choice, hearing God’s voice through the clamor of life.

Starting his career as a solo artist in 1984, Geoff quickly gained recognition for his unique blend of pop and rock-infused sound with heartfelt Christian messages. In 1987, he formed the band Geoff Moore and The Distance, which became his trusted touring band for more than a decade. Together, they released eight albums that produced an impressive string of No.1 radio hits, captivating audiences with their powerful music and lyrics.

A perennial chart-topping singer/songwriter, Geoff has received numerous accolades, including multiple Grammy nominations and Dove Awards. His chart-topping success and ability to touch the hearts of listeners have solidified his position as one of the leading voices in Christian music.

Beyond his musical achievements, Geoff is also known for his deep passion for the great outdoors. What began as a simple weekend to connect with friends while chasing South Dakota pheasants eventually led Geoff to found Fellowship Adventures. His goal for the organization was simple: provide world-class, unforgettable adventures in the great outdoors, where people can enjoy rich fellowship and be reminded of this amazing, wild world our God has given us… given us to enjoy, to encourage and refresh us.

For Geoff, faith is not a passive belief, but an active relationship with God that extends into every aspect of his life. He believes listening is an active endeavor. In addition to time spent in study, prayer and the discipline of “being still,” he also finds God communicating through his personal, professional and ministry relationships.

Geoff’s journey in the music industry is a testament to the power of following one’s calling and the impact that faith can have on one’s life. His music resonates with audiences worldwide, offering hope, encouragement, and a profound reminder of God’s love.

Through his unwavering dedication and steadfast belief, Geoff continues to inspire countless individuals around the globe with his music and his unwavering faith.

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