Geoff Moore 2015 Kickstarter Project

If you are like me, Kickstarter may be a fairly new or brand new platform, so here’s how it works:

Kickstarter is a platform that makes it possible for me to include you, my fans in the process of making my new album from the beginning. To have you in on the journey from the start.

I am partnering financially with my fans on this new project but Kickstarter isn’t charity. Your financial support is rewarded with high value and unique rewards based on your support level. It’s like a pre-order on steroids. My fans get some great GM stuff, get to be updated along the way and I receive invaluable support – both financial and moral.

But in order for my project to be successful I’ve got to hit my goal. So, you can understand why I am thankful that you all have rallied to my campaign. Please continue to help me spread the word and keep us in your prayers. Finally thanks for supporting me and helping to make this new album a reality.

Pre-order your copy of my new album and check out my reward tiers as my way of saying thanks for the support here Geoff’s 2015 Kickstarter.