“Saying Grace” is the latest destination on the musical journey for singer/songwriter Geoff Moore.  After almost 3 decades in music, over 1.5 Million album sales, multiple world tours, and multiple Grammy Award nominations and Dove Awards – Geoff still pursues his passion to share Christ through his music.

After a short hiatus from the recording studio after his 2008 Dove nominated “Speak To Me” Geoff returns to record an independently released milestone album of songs rooted around giving thanks for the blessings of a lifetime.

"Saying Grace" is a soulful set of songs, ranging from the folk-pop sound of songs like "I Believe" and "Saying Grace" to the rocking track titled "Loved" that has a great Neil Young or Bruce Springsteen vibe.

Geoff Moore has an amazing voice, a warm low tenor with a real world weary feel that gives it a soulful sound. The songs where written and crafted while working with producers Don Chaffer and Jeff Pardo. Over several sessions Moore, Chaffer and the other musicians spent time discussing the songs and how their lives, families and such where the blessings they were singing about. They lived out the songs, and that makes it real to me.

Release Date: August 2011
  1. I Believe
  2. Saying Grace
  3. Loved
  4. The Story of Love
  5. Overwhelming Love
  6. The Body of Christ
  7. Find Me In The Fields
  8. The Long Way
  9. The Wonder of Kindness
  10. I Was Made To Love You
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