Nominated for a Dove, Geoff’s record Speak To Me is an intimate and open record, welcomed like the voice of an old friend.  Speak To Me is an acoustic-driven pop-kissed record that blends healthy elements of folk, contemporary, and even a hint of rock. "Your Day" begins with Moore's signature near-whispered verses that give way to a wonderfully passionate, declarative chorus, "This is Your day / I'm going Your way / I cannot wait to see what You have in store for me today." The record quickly shifts gears with the emotional and hopeful "When I Get Where Im Going," a folk-flavored ballad that begs loved ones not to mourn when Moore sees his final day and gets to be with the Savior in heaven. The moving lyrics seem like what one might expect from someone like Johnny Cash, but musically "When I Get Where Im Going" is an epic ballad that features former Watermark vocalist Christy Nockels backing Moore with her powerful voice (which even drowns him out at times). Moore's earnestness and testimony make this another proud feather in his cap.

NOTE: This CD is NOW only available via Digital Download (no physical product)

Release Date: 2007

  1. Speak To Me
  2. Your Day
  3. When I Get Where I'm Going
  4. Captured
  5. Every Single One
  6. He Knows My Name
  7. That's What Love Will Do
  8. This Is My Father's World
  9. So Long, Farewell (The Blessing)
  10. Erase
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