A New Album for 2015

Geoff Moore is making a new album, and he's inviting you to join him in the process.

New Album, New Thoughts, New Stories

This August, 31 years after making my first album, I will be heading into the studio to make my 15th album. It will be an album of songs that explore the things I love; about the thoughts on my mind, the people in my heart, and the God in whom I believe in. I could not be more excited to share this new project with you all. Thank you for following the story of me and my family throughout the years and thank you for partnering with me now as this journey continues.

My team has put together some amazing rewards packages to say thanks to those of you who choose to help me on this project. Head over to My Kickstarter Page to learn more.

And if you would be so kind as to help me spread the word through your family and friends on social media I would be so grateful. And finally and most importantly I'd ask for your prayers as I begin this new project.

Geoff Moore

Stay Tuned ... Tour & Show Information Coming Soon

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If you were to run into Geoff Moore on the street and start up a conversation, you would feel as though you’ve known him for years. He possesses a laid back charm that is inviting, comforting and one that you want to be around. One could say that his songs hold those same traits; they draw you in with a warm welcome and keep you company with intriguing conversation and engaging melodies.

Few artists can say that they have had a career in music for nearly three decades, toured the world, and sold over 1.5 million records. Fans of Geoff Moore are well versed in his musical catalog. While his recording and touring schedule may have slowed down slightly, his drive and passion that lead him to pursue a recording career are stronger than ever.

“It’s interesting, the longer I do this the bigger my goals are for what I want my music to do, and at the same time, the smaller they become. I guess as I get older, and hopefully mature a bit, I have a global view and see how giant the problems that face mankind really are. At the same time, I live day to day in a small world of family and friends where my wife and kids need a Dad present in the simple things. So, I see this music like ‘loaves and fishes.’ I give what I have to God and trust that He will multiply it to get it to the people that need it… When I put my head on my pillow at night and all the thoughts of the day wash over me there is so much I’m unsure about, so many choices and decisions and mistakes. But in my heart of hearts, that place where it’s absurd to even think about lying, I believe this is what God has called me to do: to write and record songs that make Him known, and then travel and sing those songs, using the platform that they create to be a voice for the poor and oppressed who have no voice.”

Thank You All

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Friends – Wow!

24 hours ago I wrapped up my first ever Kickstarter campaign. What an incredible journey these last 30 days have been. I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and support during my Kickstarter campaign. With your help we raised just under $40,000 – amazing! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me continue to create the music God has placed on my heart to share with the world. I have been doing this a long time now and this experience will be one that I will never forget.

I’ll be back in the studio later this week to continue working on the new album. Thank you all again and looking forward to the next phase of this journey.


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Geoff Moore 2015 Kickstarter Project

If you are like me, Kickstarter may be a fairly new or brand new platform, so here’s how it works:

Kickstarter is a platform that makes it possible for me to include you, my fans in the process of making my new album from the beginning. To have you in on the journey from the start.

I am partnering financially with my fans on this new project but Kickstarter isn’t charity. Your financial support is rewarded with high value and unique rewards based on your support level. It’s like a pre-order on steroids. My fans get some great GM stuff, get to be updated along the way and I receive invaluable support – both financial and moral.

But in order for my project to be successful I’ve got to hit my goal. So, you can understand why I am thankful that you all have rallied to my campaign. Please continue to help me spread the word and keep us in your prayers. Finally thanks for supporting me and helping to make this new album a reality.

Pre-order your copy of my new album and check out my reward tiers as my way of saying thanks for the support here Geoff’s 2015 Kickstarter.

No Fooling

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No April Fools jokes here friends.

The Glorious Unfolding Tour - Geoff Moore & Steven Curtis Chapman

You have just over 30 days to get your tickets to the Canadian leg of The Glorious Unfolding Tour. Along with Dan Bremnes, I’ll be joining SCC for two great weeks with our Canadian friends. Make sure you get your tickets right away as some cities are nearly sold out.

You can find all the dates and ticket information on my tour calendar http://geoffmoore.com/#tour and make sure you follow all the latest news on special offers on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SCCCanadatour

A special thanks to Caleb Cook for the great photo from the U.S. Glorious Unfolding Tour

Canadian Spring Tour Announcement

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I’m thrilled to let you know that I’ll be joining Five-time GRAMMY® winner, highly acclaimed singer-songwriter and a dear friend – Mr. Steven Curtis Chapman for the Canadian leg of his The Glorious Unfolding Tour. This is rare opportunity for Canadian fans of Steven’s to see him live – trust me you will not disappointed.

SCC & Geoff in Canada

Steven is currently out on the road supporting his new album, The Glorious Unfolding. This is his 18th album and his first studio album of all-original material in seven years. We will also be joined by Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Bremnes.

Tickets are available at www.ticketwindow.ca.

The Glorious Unfolding tour dates:

  • May 6 – Moncton Wesleyan Church, Moncton, NB
  • May 8 – The Metropolitan Bible Church, Ottawa, ON
  • May 9 – Parkwood Gospel Temple, Windsor, ON
  • May 10 – Bramalea Baptist Church, Brampton, ON
  • May 14 – Grant Memorial, Winnipeg, MB
  • May 15 – Evangel Pentecostal Assembly, Edmonton, AB
  • May 16 – First Alliance Church, Calgary, AB
  • May 17 – Crossroads Church, Red Deer, AB

Order tickets now

Help Me Celebrate 10 Years of Show Hope

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This Sunday, May the 27th join me in celebrating 10 years of Show Hope.

Show Hope 10th Anniversary

I know most of you reading this probably won’t be able to drive across town to join us for the party and the concert – but you don’t have to miss out.

Get your FREE webcast ticket! >>> HERE.

The lineup of artist is amazing:

Show Hope’s 10 Year Anniversary Concert will be webcast LIVE on May 26 at 7pm CDT and it will be hosted by yours truly. So make plan to join me live @ 7p this coming Sunday evening!



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GMD Closing Set Photo

Possessing little more than a deep, gravelly voice and a three-song demo produced by a childhood friend, an avid outdoorsman left the comfort of his Michigan home and the security of the family business to pursue the long-shot of making it in Nashville’s music industry. Three decades and over twenty five albums later Geoff Moore can look back now knowing he made the right choice, hearing God’s voice through the clamor of life.

Moore’s first demo, recorded in 1983 with Billy Smiley (Whiteheart) producing and a then-unknown Michael W. Smith playing keys, was the initial trigger that launched his unexpected career as an artist. The youngest of four, Geoff lost his father while he was studying business administration at Taylor University in Indiana, and he fully expected and planned to step in to head up Moore Iron Works following graduation. But after a short…

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G A & A

In 2001 and 2003 respectively, Geoff & his wife Jan journeyed to East Asia to adopt Anna Grace and Ashley Rose.

“Nothing has shaped me more since then than the adoption of the girls. It has worked its way into every corner of our lives. Less sleep, more laughs and literally, a constant amazement that God could love us all this much to allow us to be a family. I remain convinced that adoption is the great metaphor for the Gospel. Not a single day goes by that at some point I don’t think about the wonder of God’s adoption of me into His family. Anna asked me a while back if Jesus knew her when she was a baby in China and if He knew where she was. I think of that every time I sing ‘He Knows My Name.’

Geoff shares a…

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Nowhere does Geoff more clearly hear the voice of God than through  his ministries to the least of these. Through years of travel and touring, Geoff has been an eager and fervent voice for Compassion International and their work with children in need. Compassion has given me the opportunity to regularly see the world, as it really is, by allowing me to travel with them and meet the children that they serve.

The song ‘Every Single One’ is specifically about the work of Compassion, but many of my songs have been shaped by the experiences they have afforded me.

Forty pairs of little eyes
Stared into this heart of mine
A memory burned inside my soul
One that never has let go
I looked into the face of need
The least of these stared…

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